the kabul water project

(registered Bermuda charity, no. 869)


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In 2009 I was in Afghanistan working on a promotional video for renewable energy systems.

While driving around Kabul, I noticed small, refugee children carrying heavy loads of water up large, steep hills.

They did this because there was no other means to get water to their houses.

The promotional video was for Sustainable Energy Services Afghanistan (SESA).

SESA 4.5 min. Afghan video (click here)

SESA is a for-profit, engineering firm based in Kabul and founded by Tony Woods of Timaru, New Zealand.

Woods said it would be easy to provide water to the refugees by putting water tanks on the tops of Kabul’s hills and using solar pumps to fill them with ground water. The only reason the tanks had not been installed was for lack of funds.


SESA has given us an estimate of $40,000.00 for installing one solar pumping system also including one tank and distribution pipes. 

The Kabul Water Project aims to raise the funds to do this as a pilot project.

A documentary will be made of the construction process. It will be used to help raise more funds for more water systems.

No donations to the Kabul Water Project will be used to finance the documentary film. But all donors will be prominently credited or mentioned in the documentary and any other promotional material of The Kabul Water Project.

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3.5 minute video (click here)